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Town Teams

We recently attended the Portas Pilot workshop here in Bristol, it was a joint presentation from the CLG and the Association of Town Centre Management.


One of the key points that was raised during that session the really caught our attention was the need for applicants to drive innovation.


Inovation, we are all over it....


“A key focus for the pilots is the proposal for a “Town Team” (as described on page 19 of the Portas Review) that will be able to drive innovation and improvement in the way the current high street is managed, develop a strategic and collaborative approach, and be made up of a wide range of local interests including landlords, retailers, local authorities and local communities”


Source Portas Pilot Prospectus | An invitation to become a town team


Drive innovation and improvement you say, well you can imagine our ears pricked up when we heard that particular assessment criteria for any Town Team submitting an application to become one of the 12 Portas Pilots. 


BeepTreat was developed as a direct response to the growing problem that many retailers are facing at the moment.  We kept hearing that trading conditions were difficult and attracting customers away from the internet was a real problem.


As the background of the BeepTreat team was delivering web based business solutions something we are well known for we got our thinking caps on about how we could utilise the existing technology to deliver a practical solution to the high street, solutions that would enable them to draw in more business and nurture customer loyalty.


BeepTreat was the result and whilst we might be a little bit biased we think that what we have an innovative solution that would add significant value to any town teams application as we have a simple and effective way to use the internet to combat the effects of internet shopping by drawing in the right kind of customers and doing it in such a way that the retailers remain in control of the whole process.


The system works through the delivery of incentives or Treats to draw in passing and local trade when they scan one of our QR or Quick Response Codes with the BeepTreat app installed on their smartphones. When they do this they instantly are offered a treat that is managed by the retailer through this website and when they present that at the point of sale to the cashier they receive the Treat. The beauty of our system is that to get the treat the customer has to post on their Facebook wall where they are and what Treat they are redeeming.


With the average Facebook user having 120-130 connections and the number of accounts in the UK just over 26 million that’s a great marketing platform to use to draw in new business to your high street . As invariably people operate in Facebook in clusters and they tend to be connected to people locally with similar buying patterns when you have one customer telling their friends about why they are buying from you it brings along others to your location and the only way that they can get Treated is to do the same thing again telling more people about why they are buying from you. Throw loyalty into that process and we are seeing some very interesting effects from what we are doing to the businesses that are BeepTreat’ing their customers.


How It Works 


Our system is currently available to trial on a no obligation basis and free for 90 days and we are happy to support any Town Team or retailer that would like give it a go just register here.

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